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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love on the Big Island
Dedicated to Mom and Dad!

Submitted by MaryBeth

Over the years we all knew the bond that our parents had. Their amazing love for each other and us children. Professions and careers, raising kids, celebrating the births of 6 granddaughters and holding us altogether in the great glory of O'Hana. People would say to us all the time, "I can't believe how well you get along with your family." It just came simply to us. We loved and respected each other without reservation. Then came one of our biggest hurdles, my father's brush with death and surviving cancer 12 years ago and a few extra bouts on top of that over the years. In the year 2000 my father lay in a hospital bed, slipping in and out of consciousness, hooked up to a ventilator, my mother living at the hospital for 10 days, caring for his daily needs and spiritual support, and keeping all of our hopes up. Us children in and out, worrying, all night vigils and cry fests. My mother all the while sitting bedside, hand in hand, telling my father that he must live so they can celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in their favorite vacation place in the world, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii!

It was a miracle indeed, on Christmas day our father was discharged! We all had the most glorious Christmas gift ever, our father was now on the healthy recovery of an illness that almost took his life!
A week later when our father was feeling stronger, we got together and had a late Christmas gathering, and under the tree to all of us children and grandchildren were invitations to their 50th Wedding Anniversary at the old church in Kaloekua Bay and we were to be their guests in Kona for 2 weeks!

The Anniversary and renewed vows, and brand new rings that were exchanged on that day, July 8th 2001 will stay with us forever. The song that our mother sang to our father, the wonderful Hawaiian ceremony, the tears we wept, and hugs we shared. Our parents have an amazing source of love for each other and it shows daily in the way we all treat our spouses and our children.

It was a joyous celebration in the land of ALOHA, and now it is not only their favorite vacation destination but it is also ours! We hope to celebrate their 60th in Hawaii too. Hawaii epitomizes the word of LOVE in everything you see and everyone you meet, it is a truly the land of ALOHA.

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