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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Dedicated to Trace

Submitted by Cinthia

My Saturday mornings were always very lazy, and the stormy skies that I could see outside my window when I woke only reaffirmed I would be doing little on this day.

Working for a busy hospital, and being single for quite some time now, I had very little to go out and do on my day off, much less the desire or money to do so.

I made myself coffee, and sat down at the computer to log on and read emails. One of the emails had information for a personals website and for some strange reason I decided to try it. I filled out a profile and went to searching. The site allowed you to pull up by location and the very first profile that came up was for a man who lived in Hawaii. Thinking the site had a searching glitch being he should not have shown up in my search. I closed the window, and logged off.

A week later I found myself waking to another Saturday morning with nothing to do, and logged on as usual. To my surprise there was a note from the site saying I had waiting messages. I logged on to find a message from the man who's profile had come up in my search The message said, "Dearest, I am not sure why, but your profile comes up on my search, I'm thinking fate is at play here. If you are interested please write as I would enjoy getting to know you."

I was taken aback by this, and thinking what the heck, I responded. We began to talk daily via email, then by phone. He told me all about life on the Big Island in Hawaii. He works on a coffee plantation for his uncle. I live in Arkansas so even though we are both in the U.S., our daily routines and surroundings are much different. In our conversations, he takes me to the tropics, the sounds of waves and green sand beaches. He teaches me the language and how to pronounce a lot of the words. (This usually causes laughter) He tells me of kayaking, diving, and the local flora and fauna. I take him to the mountains on hiking trips and teach him the nature of our southern hospitality, how to make real apple pie, and where the best place is to hear a good fiddler. We spend hours laughing and sometimes pining for each other.

A year later, and our first Christmas, we decided to exchange gifts via mail. To my home he sent a beautiful sarong, fresh coffee, a small bottle of green sand, and a note with a promise that another year shall not pass without our being able to hug in the flesh. To his home I sent a pressed fall oak leaf, a cowboy hat, a tin whistle with instructions, and a promise as well, that neither the devil nor the deep blue sea shall keep us apart much longer

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