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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

With What Can I Compare?
Dedicated to Eva, the love of my life

Submitted by Raymond


Once again I sit here...feeling the white grains of particle rubbing under my feet, catching the fresh scent of ocean breeze drift towards me, staring in awe at the expanse of blue before my eyes.

And I much longer?

Once again I walk here...soaking in the cool of dawn, sighting the occasional couple that dots the unending stretch of sand, just sensing their bliss as they lose the world around them.

And I think to myself...just a while more.

Hawaii is a beautiful place. Some call it paradise, many call it home. And yet even in Eden itself, it was ordained that man was not to be alone.

Someone once said to me, "Home is where the heart is." Right now...there seems to be vacancy.

Darling...though I have come here first, my heart have never left home.

And so it is here that I wait...on an Island in the Pacific... a place called Hawaii. And though 'here' is a wonderful place. With YOU'll be so much more.

With Love,


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