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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Touched By Hawaii Waters
Dedicated to Ray Torres

Submitted by Dr

Choir members walk through the performance hall, singing. Solidity of bass with the soprano's windchime-magic turns Hallelujah into a dream. A singer with smooth skin moves down the aisle reminding me of a stream. I feel his flowing sweetness. The sun rises in my chest when he passes by. He reminds me of Hawaii. I pray, " may our paths cross."

The concert hall is packed with a an audience filling 500 seats. Can I find him among many other men in white sweaters when the concert ends?

"Trust," whispers a voice in my heart.

Later, acquaintances invite me to go out with the choir. Smelling delicious like strawberries and vanilla flavored whipped cream, the Crepe Place is inviting. The scent sent fills me up when Ray and I are introduced. A week later I see him at a party. My girlfriend approaches me and says, "you are with the wrong man. Ray's the one for you."

The man that I am dating puts his hand on my arm. "Cultivate a friendship with Ray. You two might end up together." Surprise!

Months later, Ray calls about a class I teach. He tells his girlfriend he is signing up for my class. She answers, "I have a feeling you will fall in love with the teacher."

We easily become friends, occasionally meeting for a beach walk. Like C and G on the music scale, we blend. Neither of us is single so dating isn't discussed. One February , seagulls fill the afternoon with their voices. We both learn that the other is now single. Love blooms.

I find my Ray after decades of yearning for my mate. I am glad I chose not to marry before. This gentleman, who carries the Aloha spirit in his gaze, his care, and his hands was worth my waiting.

When we fall in love, Ray invites me to go to Hawaii. There I find what I need: not money, not jewels, and not success but the sand and the air. I once thought that the right relationship would fill me up and erase my pain. I find it is that my love of life and Spirit that has done this. In the mutual sharing of such love my relationship blossoms. Water's now my lover. Sand gives me answers. My mate is my best friend.

The man of Hawaiian sunray's with whom I walk through life cherishes me, protects me, and empowers me. Our love is as endless and timeless as the Hawaiian water massaging the sand. In his eyes I see my heart.

Dreams that I longed for were the poets and are now mine. When I inhale, plumeria reminds me of how sweet life is meant to be. Water sings to welcome night as sun drops in the background. Sometimes, when I arrive at his door, Ray puts his arms around me and sings in my ear. How fortunate I feel. We are the earth, the song, and each others'.

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