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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

"Faded Dreams"
Dedicated to Greg

Submitted by Sarah

Sarah was raised in a small town in Illinois surrounded by cornfields. She loved to look at her parents' old photographs. She was 10 years old and going thru a box of photos when she noticed a small plastic bag. She opened it up to find the most beautiful images she had ever seen.

One photo was of a beautiful sunset, nothing like she had ever seen before, with the colors of the sky like an artist's mural, another, of the whitest, purest-looking sand and water a mixture of green and blue with white- tipped waves.

Sarah showed her father the photos and asked him where they had come from. Her father explained to her that it was the most beautiful place he had ever been to, a place called Hawaii. He told of the flawless sand and the clear blue sky. Sarah announced that someday she would have her honeymoon on this tropical paradise. From that day forward, every time she would look out upon a cornfield, she would close her eyes and pretend it was the Pacific Ocean. She spent years reading about this amazing place.

Years went by. She moved away to college but in her 2nd year she received a saddening phone call. Her mother had been diagnosed with brain cancer. Because her father had struggled financially for years, they didn't have insurance. They had to spend every penny they had to pay the medical bills. Sarah made the decision to drop out of school. She moved back home to take care of her mother.

After 5 hard years, her mother passed away, holding her hand on a cold winter day. The stress of everything caused Sarah's father's health to fail and he died in his sleep of a heart attack.

Sarah stood at their grave, on a freezing, snowy day and said good-bye. At that moment, it seemed that any dreams she had once had faded away.

Sarah was going thru her father's belongings and found a worn envelope with her name on it. It read:

"My dearest princess, if you are reading this, I must be with God. Please know that I couldn't have asked for a better daughter and that I will love you for all eternity . Don't give up on your dreams and live your life to its fullest. My last request is that you take this and begin your journey thru this life."

Always and forever,

A bundle of money lay in the envelope with a small piece of paper on top of it. One word was written on that paper. HAWAII. She couldn't believe he had remembered.

Sarah hopped on an airplane for the first time and journeyed across the ocean. She finally made it and it was as wonderful as she had dreamed.

She met and fell in love with a handsome Marine there and finally had her honeymoon.

She realized that even when you give up on yours dreams, they never give up on you.

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