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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Time Of My Life
Dedicated to Ronnie

Submitted by Karen

in the winter of 2003 i decided to take a very special vacation to oahu, hawaii.i had always wanted to go hawaii and thought what better time. i wanted to go during the time that they had whale watching available. little did i know that i would also meet the love of my life. i thought that i would go sometime during december and make it a christmas to myself. when i arrived in hawaii it was warm and the weather was nothing like it was back in tennessee, where i am from, at this time of year. when i stepped off the plane there were this beautiful hawaiin girls there to meet me and greet me with a lei and a big aloha!! i arrived at my hotel and checked in and decide to go site seeing as soon as i unpacked. the first place i wanted to go of course was to the uss arizona memorial so that i could see where the tragedy of pearl harbor occured. when i arrived there i was just awe struck. it was so beautiful, yet so tragic. you could just see it in your mind the way things had happened. i walked around and went inside and watched a documentary film chronicling the events of that tragic day. i was sitting there and a young hawaiin man came up to me and introduced himself.his name was matthew. we sat and chatted and before we knew it two hours had gone by. we had told each other every thing about each other. where i was from, what i did for a living, why i had decided to come hawaii? i told him i had always dreamed of coming to hawaii, every since i was a little girl.i had some neighbors who were my best friends growing up and their mother was from hawaii. she would always tell me these wonderful stories of hawaii and it just made me dream of some day coming here. matthew and i decided to go to a luau that night. i had made reservations for a luau back at my hotel, but he told me about one that his friends and he attended every saturday night, so i decided to go to it turned out to be the most wonderful night of my life. i went with him and he showed me how to do the hula dance. he had not told me before we went, but he was part of the luau. he was one of the dancers and he also ate fire. i was terrified for him. but, of course he was wonderful. when we left the luau,we went down to the beach and walked and talked the rest of night of the way. i felt like i had known him all of my life. and it turns out in a way i did. in all the time that we had been talking, matthew had never told me his last name. it turns out it was primm. the same last name as the people who lived across the street from me when i was growing up. matthew was ms. primms oldest son, who had stayed in hawaii, when she had moved to the states. he was the most wonderful man i had ever met. we spent my whole vacation together. we went snorkling, we went whale watching and we went deep sea fishing. my last night there was very difficult. we knew that we were going to have to say good-bye, but it was going to be very hard. we set up all night talking and just holding each other. the next morning matthew went with me to the airport. we said our good-byes at the car. i knew that if i didn't, i would not be able to leave him and get on that plane. i cried all the way home on the plane. matthew had gave me his phone number, address, and e-mail address so that we could keep in touch. we were e-mailing each other every day. we talked on the phone about 3 times a week. one day i got an e-mail and it was the best e-mail i had ever received from him. he had decided to come and see me in tennessee. i met him at the airport on christmas eve day and it was the most wonderful present i had ever gotten (or so i thought). i took matthew sightseeing everywhere. we even went to the grand ole opry. he loved it. we also went to the wildhorse saloon in nashville and i returned the favor of him teaching me how to do the hula. i taught him how to do some line dancing. we got home that night it was very late, but we stayed up to watch christmas day arrive. i had bought matthew some presents, but i had sent them to hawaii, before i knew that he was coming to see me. but matthew had a wonderful present for me. we had cut all the lights off, except the tree lights. we sat next to the tree and he gave me a little box and in that box was the most beautiful ring i had ever saw. matthew proposed to me that night. of course i said yes!! we were married the following july in hawaii and that is where i now call home. we have been married for ten years now and have 3 beautiful children. his mother and i picked up our relationship as if we had never been apart. she had always been like a second mother to me and now she was. his sisters and i are like best friends and our kids are growing up together, as best friends. the year of 2003 was the best year of my life, because it was when my life had really begun.

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