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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaiian hourglass
Dedicated to My Girl

Submitted by Robert

I had been away from Hawaii for several years when I decided to return. I had just had a hard break with my high school sweetheart and was recently laid off. My decision to return to Hawaii had a lot to do with my current situation and my current mental health. Hawaii always made me feel relaxed and grateful for everything I had.

My first few months of searching for jobs and hitting the singles scene did not help my mental health, but the beaches did. I had met my high school sweetheart at the beach and our most memorable moments were here along this 25 mile stretch of sunshine baked sand. We could spend hours at the beach throwing the frisbee around, reading, swimming, talking, or just walking hand in hand watching the sunset. The more time I spent at the beach, the more I realized that this woman that I had just left forever was the person that I needed to be with forever. I tried calling her only to be turned away by a disconnected phone even her cell phone tuned me out. I could not contact her and I realized I had made the biggest mistake of my life by letting her slip away.

Years went by, I'd see mutual friends and they would ask me about 'us'. Reminders were all around me, gnawing at me and the strings attached to my heart. Until the one day when I saved a little girls beach ball from the deep fathoms of the sea. I escorted the ball back to the wide eyed little girl and as I watched her scurry back to her family, I caught a glimpse of someone looking back at me. My mind raced backward in time (because I could recognize her anywhere even buried in the sand) and I turned to look again, it was true. The person looking back at me in great wonder and disbelief was my forever, but with a family? I started walking toward her losing all peripheral vision and she brushed herself off and walked towards me. I reached for her hand, she reached for mine and once again we were joined for the moment. I looked up toward her family still holding on tightly to her hand, she introduced me to her co-worker and her daughter. Those words were music to my ears and in unison we both apologized and committed our love with our statement to each other, 'I Love You'.

Two months after our initial break not knowing that I had returned to Hawaii, she had accepted a job in Europe. Also burdened with a weighted heart, she returned to Hawaii after a year and found a job. She too had found comfort at the beach. I remained in her heart and she in mine. We never expected to see each other again. We never bothered to search for each other in Hawaii. We never thought!

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