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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Hawaiian Eyes.....
Dedicated to Diana Gallagher

Submitted by Joseph

If you would have told me, that love was in my future as I arrived at Honolulu International Airport, I would have told you were crazy. Yes, I know Hawaii is so beautiful with it's magnificient beaches, sunshine and has the most beautiful women in the world, but my heart had been broken. You see, my dreams of romance were shattered after a devistating divorce. Hawaii was a place of refuge, retreat from the everyday cares and worries of the main land, I left behind. Wiakiki was my destination to forget all the hurts and pain, at least for a little while.

As I walked off the plane, the warmth of the Hawaiian sun, seemed to have melted the cold ridgetness of my person and I felt as if something good was in my very near future.

The Sheraton Hotel was so accomodating as usual and my room was excellent, just what the doctor had ordered.

That afternoon, I rested from the long trip and slipped into sweet sleep. A couple hours later I was ready to hit the club downstairs for a little dancing, this always cheered me up. Upon entering the back lobby, I could hear the crashing waves and the lure of the gentle music playing in the club. I thought, I would take a quick look on the beach before dancing. Suddenly, as I passed this beautiful women and glancing in her eyes, I was knocked litterally off my feet. Wow! This has never happened to me before, and I knew in that moment, I must get to know her, what ever it took... My heart was racing as I watched her go into the club and sit down by herself. I had to think fast on how I would approach her, for this must be perfect, I thought to myself...

I wrote this poem on a napkin. The words came to me effortlessly, as I opened my heart and spilled out what had transpired, the moment my eyes met with hers and here's what I wrote.

The light of your eyes struck like lightning, piercing the very corridors of my soul,
shattering the hard shell of love unlearned in my heart. So fierce was its strike,
it sent my body trembling into a world thought lost. A world that only existed in a dream. A world searched by the multitudes,
but only few have found its beauty.
A world so fertile, the beauty of the rose never fades and love never dies.......

With all boldness, I handed her the poem on the napkin and asked her to dance. As we danced, her eyes shinned in mine and our love has been strong for all these years now. Our hearts are one and how I remember those Hawaiian eyes knocking me off my feet, into a love that will last forever.

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