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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My Prince
Dedicated to My Prince

Submitted by Cheryl

It was November 2, 1994. I was at work at an Air Force hospital working with two other ladies who, like me had been divorced and still held out hope to find their prince. It just happened to be my birthday. We three ladies were talking about what to look for in a prince. Just then, a tall man with the sweetest eyes dressed in a United States Air Force flight suit walked into our waiting area with his mom on his arm. He was so patient with her and helped her out with all her paper work. I told my co-workers that any guy who treated his mom like that is the guy for me.

He came to our window to bring her paper work. He stayed and talked to us while his mother was getting her mammogram. Someone mentioned it was my birthday. He told me that it would have been his dad's birthday too, had he lived. I found out through our conversation that he was a flight engineer and got to travel all over the world. He asked me if I wanted to see the plane he flew. My co-worker told him I was afraid to fly and that the only time in my life I would get on a plane would be to go to Hawaii. He has been promising me ever since to take me there.

We were married on September 11, 1998. I am still trying to be brave enough to get on the plane to Hawaii. Maybe on our tenth aniversary.

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