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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Soulmate Sent by God
Dedicated to Michael Patten

Submitted by Susan

My story begins on a cold March day in Springfield, Missouri. At the insistence of my daughter, Melissa, I logged in at and began to read bios of men who were looking for their "soul mate." That's where I met Michael F. Patten, a 24-year veteran of the Armed Forces and a widower of 2 years. His words were so poignant - how desperately he missed his wife of 28 years, Evie, who had died from breast cancer and how alone he was. There was no picture and none of the usual fluff that Internet singles usually write. I felt compelled to write him and offered to be a pen pal as there were thousands of miles of blacktop between us - he lived in Barstow, California.

We wrote daily - every morning I awoke to a card from him and each evening, arriving home weary from work, another card awaited me. On the Wednesday before Easter, he sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers, to include orchids from Hawaii, to my office. On Easter Sunday, we talked on the phone for 4 hours. In the wee hours of April 19th, while chatting online, he told me he couldn't wait any longer to meet me and that he had booked a flight to arrive in Springfield at 7 pm that evening. I was a nervous wreck but my daughter said it was great!!

I had been a single parent for 20 years and hadn't dated for 7 years. Although friends and family had tried to encourage me to date so I wouldn't be alone when Melissa found someone and left home, I informed them if God wanted me to have someone, he would drop him through the roof right into my lap - and that is exactly what happened!

Michael and I married on June 21, 2001, and my life is truly wonderful. I moved to Barstow - and Melissa followed in August of 2001. He is definitely my soul mate sent from God and a wonderful father for my daughter. It would be wonderful if I could win this contest and take him to Hawaii, paradise on Earth, for a real honeymoon.

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