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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our Dream
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Kris

When we were so young in 1969 my husband Jerry, took me away from the only home I had ever known in Minnesota and swept me away to Kwajalein island to live for two years.

In doing so, we passed through Hawaii several times, but never too long, as we were just transfering planes. We had one, then two, children in tow, so we never had time for us, and had never had a "honeymoon".

We both experienced a powerful pull of our emotions when passing through this beautiful place, and we always vowed to ourselves, that one day we would return. Just the two of us, and truly experience the feeling of "romance" on the Island of Aloha.

After 32 years of marriage, and five children, and 2 grandchildren, our dreams were realized when we were able to afford a trip in 1999. We have returned every year since, until now. The people we have met, from the entertainers to those on the streets, are so warm and friendly and just fill us with love for the people of Hawaii.

This year has been one of trials and triumphs for our family. A sick grandchild with a heart condition, 3 more new grandchildren, tuitions for one of our children and a wedding for our youngest of five.

We have decided we cannot afford a trip this time around, and will miss it so very much, but we still have each other after 36 years of marriage, for that, we are both thankful.

If we never get back to this place that we both love, we have wonderful memories of finally being able to realize "Our Dream" and that we were able to experience it together.

Kris Bohrer

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