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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Another Try
Dedicated to Cynthia Dussett-Hickox

Submitted by Bob

We first met in Hawaii in 1979 when we were stationed there in the Army. I must admit, it was not love at first site. It was actually disgust at first site. But after working together for about a year, we kind of grew on each other and I finally asked her out. Our first date was actually the movies at the Pearl City Mall. I decided to get out of the Army and stay in Hawaii just to be with her. There were many moonlit walks along the beach at the Hyatt Kuilima Resort in the Kahukus, where I worked. But then, she got transferred and we had to leave for the mainland. We finally got married in 1982 and had a wonderful life together, but we always missed our "young love" in Hawaii. Unfortunately, we did not live "happily ever after" and we divorced in January of 2002. I have been working hard to try to win her affections back, so we can continue to be a happy family. It's been a long and hard process and now we are actually talking to each other and seeing each other socially. I would like however, a final chance to rekindle the love we once had, where it all got started, in Hawaii.

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