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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Still Together
Dedicated to Helen And Sam Bass , My Parents

Submitted by Sam

My mother was just a teenager when Pearl Harbor was attacked, but little did she know that, that the military prescence one day would influence many lives. My mother met my father in Hawaii, She be a local and him being a haole from the mainland. This story could be told time after time.But they married in a time when mixed relations were taboo.The love they have for each other is still present,When they look at each with they teeth out, and toothless smiles. You can still picture the romance in the early fifties(of course in black and white picture screen) under a full moon cast sky with slight tradewinds blowing. The 2 lovebirds walking hand and hand along a remote beach, to prevent the scorn of racial division. My parents have not been back together to Hawaii since the last time my father was sent to Vietnam.He retired from the Navy. My mother has gone back a few times with the kids, but never with the love of her life.My father has stayed back on the mainland to provide for seven kids(two have past on to a bigger paradise).I just visited my Mom And Dad for Thanksgiving with my own children and I am still amazed at the love they still have for each after 50 years.In a time when racial barriers are being dropped .My parents endless love has endured.My fathers family was as haole as they come and my mothers family was as island locals as they come, but they weathered the storm of racial turmoil.Life is strange and beautiful when you have kids of your own. You realize what your parents went through.Especially when segregation was suffered by many. My father has taught me lessons in life. People are just people,no matter what color you are, we all bleed red and have love in our hearts. Aloha Peace

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