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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

If We Had Only Known
Dedicated to My Forever & Always, John

Submitted by Terri

We never thought, never dreamed in a million years that we were going to experience our darkest days amongst the brightest rainbows of this lovely island. We came with high expectations. With our 3 sons in tow and you with 21 years behind you in the Navy we thought that this would be our last chance to see Hawaii before you retired. We never knew we would be crying most of the 2 years spent here (so far) or that our hoped for second honeymoon was to become a struggle to hold together our 12 year marriage. I no sooner said Happy New Year to you almost a year ago when our world came crashing down in the form of the death of a little 2 month old girl I was watching that night. The tears, that shake me even now brought you to your knees and off of the submarine you were on so that you could recover from the shock. You lost $1000 a month in pay and I lost my mind. Then we found that your 78 year old mom had to have a brain tumor removed and that my dad was dying of cancer. The Twin Towers fell and again so did I having worked there for years before meeting you online before even the internet was a reality. My sister, my best friend suddenly stopped talking to me for unknown reasons and my daughter back home with my ex in NY cancelled her visit to see me. Money became impossibly tight, strangling us. So you chose my way and filed for Bankruptcy but still we can't seem to make ends meet. Now it seems that you will be allowed to retire in Sept of 2003 and we can almost see the light at the end of this tunnel. But we are hardened and gun-shy with a "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude that we never had before. We are so used to the bad it has taken every ounce to rise up again for our love and our family. We are supposed to go to the big Island in Jan. but you and I both know that the money may not be there no matter how desperately we need some time alone. No matter what though we have proven to each other that love survives and we have come over the rainbow stronger than when we started out. We know we can lean on each other again, that nothing will tear our family apart. I love you my dearest, here's a toast to you and me and the ghosts we leave behind.

Forever & Always,
Swear to God,

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