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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Promise, Mexawaiian Style
Dedicated to My Wife, Kauionalani

Submitted by Manuel

I told my wife someday we'll return to the islands. We'll renew our wedding vows in Hawaii the right way. The way every girl dreams a wedding should be. I propose to her and gave her a glass ring. She didn't care, she was happy, just as long as the promise was there. I wasn't proud of that but I knew she'd love me no matter what. I didn't give her a honeymoon, she never asked. We made ends meet but we knew we had each other. We made sure everyday count. I almost lost her during an extensive battle with lupus, the chemotheraphy, the teams of specialist, the trials that comes with it. I'd promise her that if she makes a full recovery, I'll take her back to the place we once found love. After 3 headful of hair loss, 50 pounds later and 17 yrs. of love, she recovered beautifully. She remembered that promise but instead she said," You're my Hawaii, I still have you" and you know what? "Shes my promise".

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