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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Love of My LIfe
Dedicated to My Husband Murray

Submitted by Martha

My story begins 30 years ago. I was a student living in Philadelphia Pa. A neighbor of mine told me he was expecting his brother for a visit.

When the day arrived I met Murray for the first time. He looked me up and down like I had nothing on. I couldn't stand him. A couple days later I went away for a weekend, I needed someone to pick me up at the airport. Murray, was home and he came. I still was very leary of him. Well during that trip home he won me over. Three weeks later we were married at the City Hall. We moved to California. About 5 years later it was discovered I have a neurological disorder, that would some day put me in a wheelchair. My husband now became my caregiver. To be a caregiver is a responsibility many have shirked. Not Murray. For 20 some years he has been my strong arm to hold, my dresser, my aide, my advocate, as well as my Lover. He has loved me unconditionally throughout 30 years. It is a love that knows no bound. We have talked about going to Hawaii. To visit the green ocean, and white sands would be a Dream come true.

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