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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Visits with the Hawaiian Moon
Dedicated to Mike McLaughlin

Submitted by Dawn

Three years ago this Christmas, my family went on a holiday to Hawaii. We stayed at Kona Villa Resort on the big island. I had met my boyfriend a few months before and was not happy to leave him over Christmas. Hawaii was beautiful but I felt so alone. The only thing that got me through was my visits with the moon. Every night, my boyfriend and I would go outside and look at the moon. We would send messages of our love through those visits. It helped me feel closer to him. He came up with the idea and became my hero on that trip away.

I had fun on that trip. My family went to a Luau for Christmas dinner and we tried many Hawaiian delicacies. The entertainment was amazing too. We also went to the lava fields. We saw active lava flowing into the ocean. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. I wish Mike could have shared it with me. I kept a journal of all of the events so that he could read of them. At the end of every long, eventful day, I went out to send my love to him through the Hawaiian moon. I will never forget the peace that those visits gave me.

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