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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Timing is everything....
Dedicated to My soulmate's return to Hawaii

Submitted by Dr

Thirteen years a military wife, I found myself alone in Hawaii, raising two children. Not a lot different than being a military wife! Seven years single and there was a calling from the mainland. Leave my beautiful Hawaii? I knew I had to. My friends thought I was nuts.

To Escondido, California I fled. Yes, I obtained a job, a car, and an apartment. But the job didn't feel right. Off to explore other possibilities one day I ended up in Ramona, California inquiring about a job at a small newspaper there. No, they didn't have a job, but knew of one in the next valley over.

I was hired! I was now the new Advertising Manager of a weekly newspaper. The trouble was I was miles and miles away from Escondido. Bravely, I drove back and informed my children that I would be commuting until we saved money to move to my new job location.

Second week on the job, I developed a slight problem with my car. I was advised by the dealer in Escondido to make sure I had a mechanic check it out before my long drive home every day through the mountains.

I took the car to one of my accounts, a Chevron Station. Their mechanic, John came out to take a look at it. I looked at him, he looked at me and something happened! He asked why I was commuting; why not just move to Alpine? I explained that I was in the process of saving money for an apartment there. He offered to rent me a room in his home. I informed him I had two children. He informed me he had four. Intrigued, I told him his wife might not like a woman and two children moving into their home. He said he didn't have a wife, just four children. Now, definitely curious, I asked if he was a widow. No, he informed me. I'm thinking how special a person he must be to have custody of four children!

He asked if I was widowed. I said, no, divorced. He asked if divorce had soured me on marriage. No, I quipped, if the right person came along I might consider it again.

Long story, short version: We went out on the eve of Thanksgiving, got married on New Year's Eve. After seven years of marriage and most kids off to college, military and marriage, I took him back to my beloved Hawaii.....not to live! I called long distance, obtained him a management job and off we went for a blissful six years!

Now, sixteen grandchildren later.....and twenty-one years, we're sitting in the middle of the desert in Arizona wondering why we aren't living in Hawaii?

Hawaii the beloveds of the world! Soulmates.....Hawaiians at heart....we await your whisper in our ears when it will be our time to return! From opposite sides of the world we meet, marry, love, and return to the magic that is Hawaii.

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