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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to Jake and Mary Hiller

Submitted by Joyce

Do you like the flowers dear? They remind me of the ones you gave me in Hawaii that day we first met. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Can you?

There I was, a mere girl of sixteen, walking along the beach in my own little world. I bumped into something and when I looked up, I saw the most handsome man I'd ever laid my eyes upon. You had the silliest grin on your face when you handed me the flower you held. For a moment I thought I was dreaming.

Here dear, let me fix that pillow. Do you remember what you said next? You said ou had come to sweep me off my feet. I laughed then and ran. You chased me along the edge of the water. Just as you almost caught up to me, I stopped --do you remember? Of course you do. I stopped and we both fell into the water. I loved how your eyes sparkled when you said: see, I told you so! They still sparkle like that. Let's get you out of these pajamas and into some clean clothes. We're having company, remember?
You know, people talk of losing their hearts all of the time -- I found mine that day on a beach in Hawaii. Just like that shell we found.

Do you remember it? You held it to your ear for a bit then said to me -- you're smiling, I knew you remembered -- you said: The powers of the sea have declared that I will marry you. I saved that shell. It's packed away in a box with all my other treasures.

We were together all day. Take my arm now, we're going to move you to your chair. I still believe I've never seen a more beautiful sunset than that night in Hawaii. You walked me to where I was staying under a sky filled with what must have been a million stars. When you looked into my eyes and said you'd never been happier, I couldn't have agreed more.

Oh, there's the doorbell. You sit there and I'll be right back. I have a surprise for you. Dear, look who's come all this way to see us -- you remember our sweet granddaughter, she's grown so pretty, hasn't she? And, look who she's brought with her. Can you believe her baby is already three?

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