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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Kalona's Dream
Dedicated to Lopaka with all my love

Submitted by Sharon

Once upon a time on an isle in a distant sea, lived a fair maiden. At daybreak she would sail through the water and take her two most beloved friends, Bella and Moby for an adventure. Like a mermaid, greeting and giving out handfuls of treats for all the sea creatures that swam past to visit. The sun would welcome her and bid her "Good Morning." And with each new day, new smells would be discovered. New sights would be seen. New sounds would be heard. For today was a new day. The past was over and the future had yet to be unfurled.

As beautiful as each new day was, there was also a silent sadness that enveloped her. For her heart ached for the one thing that she could not have. The one thing that she longed for. The Hawaii of her childhood that would gallantly rescue her from the loneliness that invaded her life.

And hours turn into days turn into weeks and months. Yet hope would not leave her heart. Desire not leave her soul. For she knew in both heart and soul, her Hawaii was out there, waiting for the time when it would ride up and claim her as its own. To bestow all things that are good. And true. For on this isle all things that are good and true win in the end.

So she waits. Counting minutes into hours into days into nights, until the time is right and destiny deals its hand. To be in her arms, and heart, and soul. Again. And again.

Adventure my friend is what life is about. A place where dreams, become hopes, become clear, become close. So she swims everyday to a future unknown. Without fear, without tears. To keep her heart warm. With fire aglow, that burns through her body down to her soul.

A prayer every morning and one every night. To bring Hawaii close to her, to hold her tight. For this day will come, she said to the moon. And she knew at that moment his words to be true:

........."Hawaii's still out there, fear not my sweet child. To swim every morning and play every night. To love you, adore you all day and all night."

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