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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love...What is Love?
Dedicated to My Love of My Life, My Wife

Submitted by Randy

LOVE...What is LOVE?

I love my wife with all my heart. There's that corny line from "Gerry McGuire" that says, "She completes me". Definitely corny, but it does say how I feel about my love, my life, my wife.

On those days when I am feeling down all I need to do is look for her smile and it brings me up again. We may argue like all married couples but, I can look at her and see all the good there is inside of her and I just can't stay mad anymore. She is someone that has given me two wonderful children and as my family. they are my life.

So Love...What is love then?

Love is that bond between two people. The same bond we see in our parents. My parents never had much. They never got to go on any big trips like to Hawaii. But they were always there for each other. You knew that what ever happened they were there for each other. I believe, as I do of my wife, that the best moment of my father's day was when he got home from work, kissed my mother and had made it home to his family.

So Love...What's it like not to be loved?

Thank God I don't have to know that feeling. But I do remember looking for Love and what it felt trying to find my true love. I can only imagine never finding it.

So Love.... How do you celebrate it?

Celebrate it everyday. Realize that if not for love, we are all a little lost. Tell them everyday how you feel. Never let them wonder about it. Be glad for what you have and just how lucky you are.

So Love.... What's Hawaii got to do with it?

Well, its another great place to celebrate. Its somewhere most people will never see. It's the most beautiful place I have seen and what a better place to celebrate the love in your life. A beautiful Love, a beautiful Wife, and a beautiful Place. But none so beautiful as the Love I am so fortunate to have found.

So what is Love? If you thought of those you Love or have loved for just a minute after reading this. You already know.

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