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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

I Can Name That Tune in 30 Years
Dedicated to My lovely bride, Cheryll

Submitted by Clinton

When I was young and giddy in love, I composed a musical ditty just for my girl. We were engaged to be married. It was a private tune, for her ears only:

"You make me happy,
You make me love and laugh and live.
You give me peace,
You give me fun and sun and kids.
You show me life,
You give me show and boy I know
Sweetheart you make me -
Oh yes, you make me -
So very happy!"

She did make me happy, happier than I'd even been and I wanted her to know that I looked forward with every waking moment to our future together. And so I sang it and she smiled and told me it was the sweetest song she'd ever heard.

We got married, as they say, in a fever. Throwing caution to the wind, we honeymooned at the Oregon coast, eventually had four beautiful children, and in the struggle to make ends meet, that silly little song soon faded from our memory. God was so good to us and met our needs and the children grew into dynamic young adults. Before we knew it, she and I were calling each other "Dad" and "Mom" and looking at retirement property and wondering when it would be all right to start wearing purple.

An entire generation had passed and in our 30th year of marriage, my lovely bride tried to think of a unique gift that would let me know how much she loved me still. No lawnmowers, please, no Weed Whackers. Something special. Something never to be forgotten. Too bad Hawaii was too expensive -- had always been too expensive.
It was then she remembered that song, which in a single verse had swept her off her feet the year Alan Shepard hit the first golf ball on the moon. The words returned, were not lost, the tune coming back faint and distant at first. Then she saw my face before her and I was 21 again and she was 18. In her vision my lips moved and the music was there and she knew what she would do.

She called our daughter in L.A. and got her answering machine. "Will you record this for me?" her message said. "I want to surprise your dad." And then she sang it over the phone. All of it. Not a word missing.

Christmas Eve came and our children gathered and my sweet bride placed a shiny new CD on the player. With eyes sparkling at least as much as they had three decades before, she hit Play. The love song I made up came pouring out, set to a modern funky beat. Vocals included my daughter and her husband and wonder of wonders, my sweet bride's answering machine rendition of "You Make Me Happy."

The years melted away. We held hands and for us it was the first time all over again.
I could not speak. She remembered.

She remembered.

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