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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My Soulmate
Dedicated to My husband - Herb

Submitted by Viveca

I re-met my husband Herb at the end of spring in 1990 at the age of 39. The first moment I saw him I knew in my heart that we would be together always. I had only 10 days to let him know of my availability to him again. You see, I lost him 22 years earlier when I was seventeen when he asked me to marry him. Not being ready I said no. We had grown up together on the same block and always liked each other so we had a special fondness. Time kept us apart with separate paths, lives, and places.

On this particular day, it was warmer than usual, so I prepared to take a cool bath after coming home from work. My neighbor told me I had a male visitor earlier and after he described him to me I didn't have a clue as to who it was. My doorbell rang just as I put my first foot into the tub. I quickly grabbed my bathrobe and ran to the front window. I opened the screen and peered down to see a tall, dark, slightly balding, good-looking man on my top step. I hollered down yes and he looked up and said, "You probably don't remember me". Well, my heart skipped several beats, I became flushed and said, " Yes I do, you're Herbie." I hollered down "just a moment" and before he could say another word I was downstairs opening the front door. I invited him in and we talked for hours. He told me of far away places, with him being in the service. During those nine days we were together quite a bit. Friends had even remarked I took on a different glow. Before he left for Turkey I made a commitment of sorts to him. Our relationship continued to grow over the next 8 months, with letters, phone calls twice a week, cassette letters and some well-orchestrated surprises on his part. I realized I messed up the first time, but this time I knew it should have been him all along. One morning at about 1am he called and asked me to marry him. After the Gulf War started, all I wanted was for God to keep him safe and bring him back home to me.

In January, of 1991 I received a very special call and all Herb said was "What do you think about Hawaii?" Well, like an idiot I said, "that would be great for a honeymoon, so what are you trying to say." "Well, my assignment will be Hickam Air Force Base, do you think you can handle moving half way across the world with me and live there." My answer was - YES. In Paradise I will live and love with my soulmate! We are hoping to go back to live permanently. We'll find a way.

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