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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

I finally met him......
Dedicated to Spin Akers

Submitted by Monica

I am a 30 year old single mother of three. I've been divorced twice. I've dated after my divorce, but they were never the one that captured my heart. For so long I have searched for this man I consulted with God for. A man with an educated background, strong in spirit and healthy in mind and soul. Before I met this man, I experienced a brutal rape and beating from a former guy I was dating, who was an undercovered junkie. At that time, I had told myself I didn't want to date or even befriend another man. The only reason I decided to meet Spin was because my bestfriend told me to just talk to him for company. Talking to him was extraordinary itself. He liked everything I liked and understood everything in my mind before I could even tell him about myself.He was so thoughtful and considerate to all of my feelings. He said the right things and would amaze me that a man could be so senstive and romantic. Each time I would talk to him, I found myself feeling like a teenage girl with a crush living in Hawaii, where romantic dreams come true.I haven't seen Spin at this time, but I was so excited about receiving his phone calls. I would rush home just to wait for the phone to ring. When it was him, my day had just advanced to "better". To make a long story short, the day finally came when I met Spin face to face. I was a nervous reck and I had imagined a sweet guy with a soar face,(not that it mattered).He came to my house with my bestfriend and I hesitated meeting him.When she called him to the room we were in and I looked up, I could only say,"oh, my God!" I had not only found the man I shared my veiws with, but he was beautiful in all ways. This man was soo sexy,I couldn't regret meeting him at all. Finally, the man of my dreams was right in front of me. The best part was he shared these feelings with me.All I wanted to do was love him forever and that I will do for all the days of my life.I truely love you Spin!

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