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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

In the middle of the sea
Dedicated to My Lost Love

Submitted by Lovell

Sometimes a chance occurance can happen in a split second and opportunity passes you by. You don't even realize that its your fate until it resurfaces again and then theres nothing left to do but follow your heart.

It was 1989 and on my short journey to Hawai'i to visit family, I saw a classmate on the plane who was on his way to his grandfathers funeral. We spoke briefly at the airport and then parted ways.We exchanged numbers, but never got the chance to meet.

Years later, we met again on the same journey to Hawai'i and this time I was on business and he was returning for his sisters' wedding. Again, we exchanged numbers and again, nothing became of it. Over the next year we always happened to be in the same place at the same time. Completely spontaneous and yet eerily ironic.

We became closer than we had been in high school, and our friendship evolved over the next few years. We dated and fell deeply in love but he decided he wasn't ready for a longterm relationship. Heartbroken, I decided we should just remain friends.

Shortly after that he announced that he'd be joining the reserves. We vowed to keep in touch but knew in our hearts that wouldn't last. For a few months we corresponded back and forth. Then the letters stopped and I assumed he had moved on.

>From time to time my thoughts would wander and I'd reminisce and wonder what had happened to him. Whether he had found his happiness.

Years later I decided once again to visit my family in Hawai'i. It was to be my dream vacation that I had looked forward to for a long time. Upon arrival I discovered my bag wasn't there. Weary and without luggage, I made my way to my familys house to await my luggage.

There across the way was Thad. He had aged a bit but was still as I had remembered him. He told me how he was based in honolulu and decided to visit Hawai'i on his leave to see if he could somehow find me. Caught up in the moment I was speechless. Everything seemed a blur and I could feel my heart racing.

His eyes seemed to penetrate my heart and I remembered how deeply we had been in love years ago. There we were, face to face. It was all so sudden and too good to be true. After all these years, we somehow once again found each other in the same place at the right time.

I got my second chance at love that day. We both did, and every year on our anniversary we celebrate it with family and retell this story to our children and our grandchildren. It took a mere coincidence to lead us back to where we began and offered us a second chance at a love that was meant to be....on an the middle of the sea.

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