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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Thanks for being you
Dedicated to Mary

Submitted by Ted

I was feeling old that day,tired of being alone.The phone rang and a neighbor lady said she had someone for me to meet. I thought here we go again.To my surprise it was a lady I knew. I got the courage up and asked her out,it went great. I asked again and soon we were an item. We waited 2 years and I asked her to marry me and go to Hawaii for a honeymoon. Yes was the answer,we made the date.I was then told I had cancer. I took Mary aside and asked to put it on hold.She said NO we are getting married. We did,but put the Hawaii trip on hold. I had to have my treatments.It took a full year of all kinds of hell.Mary was there for me every minute.I could not have done it if it were not for her.Now we are saving for our dream trip to Hawaii. My cancer is on hold for now,and we got a second chance at life and happiness.

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