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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Ocean apart
Dedicated to Mom with Love

Submitted by Lovell

I grew up with an emptiness that something had always been missing in my life. I had many friends, family that loved me, but only time could unfold what would be my destiny.

My best friend and I had known each other for years and from the time we met it seemed that our friendship was meant to be. We took a trip in March to visit her family in Hawai'i.

When we got there I was drawn to a photo they had near the doorway.

Looking back at me was a younger, black and white mirror image of "Me". It was as if I was looking at myself from an earlier era.

"Who is this??" I questioned pointing to the photo. "That's my Tutu". She'll be here soon. Are you okay?"she said.

I asked if she saw the obvious resemblance. "I always felt you looked like someone I knew but never thought it was my Tutu!" she said light-heartedly. Yet there were too many similarities that made it hard for me to believe it was mere coincidence.

When she finally arrived, we stood there speechless staring at each other. She finally spoke and said "I'm so sorry! I don't mean to stare. You just seem so..familiar!"

Confused and caught off guard at her reaction, I wondered what she had meant.

As if she read my thoughts, she came over and said "I'm sorry. You just remind me of someone I once knew and miss so much!". She told me her heatbreaking story of how she and her sister were seperated when they were younger and she grew up not knowing where her sister was.

When I arrived home, I recalled the strange events of my weekend with my Mom and the heartbreaking story of Tutus' sister. "Oh my, I'm coming over!" she said. With an old shoe box in hand she gingerly opened it and brought out an identical picture of the one I had seen!

"I don't understand Mom! Do you know Ki'ilani's Tutu?". Then she showed me an old photo of identical twins in bonnets smiling and holding hands. It seems my Mom had her own story of a long lost twin sister and I realized the link to my emptiness was found. Suddenly, everything made sense.

After speaking with Ki'ilani about the strange coincidence, we planned on reuniting her Tutu and my Mom.
So, early April while the sun beautifully set on the island of Hawai'i, two long lost sisters were reunited and a broken family was mended in a way only the heart and time can heal.

I'll never know if it was fate, destiny or simply luck that changed all of our lives that day. I just know that there was a timeless love of two sisters that not even the ocean could seperate.

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