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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

He Finally Found Love
Dedicated to My beautiful and Loving wife Helen

Submitted by David

My life began as a poor farm boy that worked ten to twelve hours a day in the tobacco fields. I was paid one dollar each day. I saved the money all summer to help my parents buy me clothes to go to school.

I did well in school and graduated number two in my class. I knew that my life would be full and fruitful. I married my high school sweetheart. The only problem with that was she was in love with my best friend.

I worked hard to get ahead and bought a home and a new car. I was then drafted into the army. I thought I would lose everything. But life was good to me as I sold the home I had bought and before I got out of service I started building a new home.

I returned home and began a career as a police officer. I was happy but something wasn't there. I had the feeling that life had more to offer then I was receiving. I worked in the job for 32 years and retired.

I had met this woman several years before at a friend's home. . The moment I looked at her I knew that she was the love of my life.I joked with her and told her she should run away with me. She said she wouldn't go with a married man.

My wife would not travel with me or do anything I enjoyed. After 42 years of marriage, we seperated and filed for divorce.

Several months after we filed for the divorce I walked into a pharmacy. I saw this lady again. My heart started to beat so fast. I walked up and talked to her. I told her I was getting a divorce. She said her husband had died 4 months earlier.

God sent me there that day. We married 9 months later. I have never known the love, happiness, or joy of just being with someone or even in the same room. Each time I look into her eyes, my heart fills with love. We were married September 22, 2001.

I am going to surprise her with a trip to Hawaii on our first anniversary. I will be staying at the Hawaii Hilton from September 19, 2002 for five days.

I have told her and others to put on my grave stone,"he finally found love."

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