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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Aloha 'ia
Dedicated to My Beloved Viveca

Submitted by Herbert

(My Beloved)

While growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I fell in love with a neighborhood girl named Viveca. She was my world and I loved her dearly. When the time came, I asked her to marry me. She refused, saying that she wasn't ready. Sad and unhappy, I joined the Air Force and married someone else a year later.

My Air Force career was on track, and I was doing very well. But my marriage went south. After my second divorce, some twenty years later, I prayed for a healthy relationship. In June of 1990, I returned to the old neighborhood to see my mother. While on vacation, I ran into Viveca and to my surprise, she had never married. She was still the prettiest girl in America, and I wanted to rekindle our relationship. Unfortunately, I only had a few days remaining on my vacation. I returned to my base in Izmir, Turkey vowing not to lose her again.

For ten months, we communicated across the ocean incurring a monthly $500.00 telephone bill, writing many letters and sending cassette tapes through the mail. But the expense was well worth it. Everyday I would rush to my mail box and retrieve perfume scented and lipstick kissed letters that made others jealous. Viveca's words were tender and passionate which brought back fond memories. As time passed, I realized she had not changed, and our love was still there.

During the Gulf War, I was involved with operational missions going into Iraq. Viveca was deeply concerned and terribly worried for my well-being. I tried to reassure her that everything was fine, but I don't think she believed me. I sent flowers and balloons to her job in an effort to console her, but nothing would satisfy her until I was back into her arms. After the war, I transferred to Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. I asked Viveca to marry me and join me in Hawaii, and she said, yes. We were married in a sunrise ceremony on Waikiki Beach. I still love Viveca very much after ten years of marriage and all I can say is "Thank you God for answering my prayer!"

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