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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaiian Love Affair
Dedicated to Iris Lozier of Kailua, O'ahu

Submitted by Diane

Shortly after WWII, my parents were married. They had both lived for some time before the war in New York City and before and after their wedding, they spent some evenings at a club in N.Y.C. with a Hawaiian theme. That is where they fell in love with the idea of someday coming to paradise. Three children and years later, in late 1959, my father, who was in the Air Force, got orders for the Phillipines. Well, my dad called in every favor ever owed him and pulled every string he knew to pull, until those orders were changed to Hawaii. In March 1960 our family arrived at Hickam. I had just turned 4 years old. For the next 3 and a half years, my mother threw herself into the Hawaiian culture, soaking up everything she and her children could learn. My mother and I took hula lessons, my brothers ukelele. Soon my mom was researching Hawaiiana and designing costumes for my whole hula class. (There weren't alot of halaus around in the early '60's.) In our family's free time we went to Ulu Mau Village (in those days it was in Ala Moana Park) and spoke with the elders and learned all we could about our adopted home. Alas, came the day in May 1963 when my father got orders to return to the mainland. We left on the Matsonia. After the farewell parties and the steamers and all that went with "boat day" back then, we pulled out of Honolulu Harbor, and Diamond Head soon came into sight. Ladden with leis, my mother instructed us, through her tears, to throw our leis over the side. "Why, Mommy?" I asked. "Because if even one washes ashore at Diamond Head, then someday, we will return." In May 1965, my father retired from the Air Force and by August we were back home in Hawaii! On their 25th wedding anniversary, my parents renewed their vows under Hawaiian skies. All her children were married in Hawaii and now she has grandchildren in Hawaii. To this day my mother still lives in Kailua, my father rests eternally at Punchbowl. And my mother's love affair with the Hawaiian Islands and my father is still strong.

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