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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

The First Time
Dedicated to Diane Gosselin

Submitted by Ronald

There is always a first time for everything; the first kiss, the first hug, the first time you see the person you will marry. What if the first time you see that person is 3 months after you had purposed to her over the phone and you are stepping off the plane in Orlando from Hawaii. Well here is my story. And it's true.

I had moved to Hawaii in 1991 to fulfill my life's dream of living in paradise. Within a month of moving I was working in Kaneohe at Hawaii State Hospital and two years I was living in Waimanalo.While living on Oahu I dated different ladies and never really became too serious with anyone; I had been burnt too many times.

While surfing the net one night I decided to look up an old friend who use to work for me in New Hampshire who had moved to Florida. I typed in his name and found his address and phone number. When I called the Florida number the voice mail activated. The lady on the machine sounded like my friend's wife so I left my name and phone number.

A week went by and no return calls so I figured I had called the wrong number. Then one day I returned to my apartment to find my voice mail light flashing. I played the message to find I reached my friend.
It was great calling and speaking to him. During one phone call he asked me if I was dating me and I said no. At least not seriously. He said he had a wonderful lady who would be perfect for me. She was divorced with two young children. And he wanted me to write her.

Now I'm not a shy person but its not my style to write someone I don't even know so I decided not to. For the next week I would return home to find a message from Florida on my voice mail harassing to write this lady. So to get my friend off my back I wrote her. And low and behold she wrote back. This went on for several months and during that time I grew to love her through her letters.

While my son was visiting me I had him take a picture of me with my back to her so she repaid in spades with the same. I couldn't help it; I had fallen in love with someone I hadn't even seen.

I couldn't stand it any more. I called her and purposed over the phone. She confessed that she loved me but wouldn't agree to marry me. I moved to Florida anyway, telling her that if she didn't marry me I'd still have a great friend.

When I stepped off the plane in Orlando there was nothing to fear. She was even more beautiful than the letters she wrote. We were married January 1, 1997 and the magic is still there.

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