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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Foreign Exchange
Dedicated to Lourdes Aguas

Submitted by Chuck

It's funny how you realize you've fallen in love with someone sometimes. That person could be in front of you the entire time, and it may take you a great length of time for the love to take place. You feel like the person who is frantically searching for keys, only to find out they have been tucked away in one of those secret pockets in the side of their pants.

My family had hosted exchange students for about 5 years when we hosted our last exchange student. Her name was Lourdes, and she had come to us from Quito, Ecuador. And though she may have had a more difficult time communicating with the language at first, she and I still had a bond that none other might have had. Surely enough, we became great friends. This woman was so special, that I fell in love with her, and told her of my feelings for her. At that time, she didn't return the feelings, but I always had a feeling it would work out in the end. The day she left to go home, I will never forget the amount of emptyness I had. She wrote me, and told me she had the same feeling. I was supposed to go visit her in December, but it wasn't etched in stone yet. It changed by becoming stronger each and every moment that I didn't see her. I appreciated her more. I did visit her in December of 2000 where on the 2nd day there, she told me of her love for me. I was in Heaven. Who would have thought that Heaven was located just below the Equator in Ecuador? Yet, nobody could ever convince me this amazing woman wasn't my soul mate. I truly did find the best needle, in a stack of needles.

So now, we are engaged, and working ever so hard towards our future. Watching a sunset in Hawaii, holding each other tightly would be the exclamation point in our journey after we marry.

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