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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to Teresa Contatore

Submitted by Mark

She captured my heart from the first look, I didn't even know her name. A silly wager with my brother set the path my future would take. I was destined for a shipboard tour in Pearl Harbor aboard the finest frigate ever manned "USS Whipple FF 1062:. And now I fall madly in love, what on earth was happening to me? A single date romance, hurried planning and bang we wed. I arrived on Oahu without my wife only to be told we would deploy in 3 days for "Rimpac" followed by a six month "Westpac", and no my new bride could not join me until post deployment because she was not "command sponsored". Wow! I met two shipmates that immediately helped me from losing my mind and made that 8 month 7 day and 13 Ě hour separation (not that I counted or anything) go reasonably well. They forced me to be involved as one of their own family, and I learned firsthand the meaning of 'Ohana, I can't begin to infuse you with the overwhelming emotions my wife and I shared that first moment of seeing each other again. It was absolutely perfect, a typical Hawaiian sunrise, the perfect tradewind, warm sunshine and my bride on the pier.

My wife and I re-lived that moment on our 20th anniversary, and I can tell you the islands are STILL the most magical place I have ever had the pleasure to live in. Stepping out of the terminal I instantly was filled with the green growing smell of the islands. I had tears in my eyes, I couln't believe it was still so beautiful. Oahu my wife and I still share a special pili ho'oipoipo. I vowed to love her forever and promised that we would someday make our final home in Hawaii, I only wish my last living day to be a sunrise viewed from Diamond head and sunset from Makaha .

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