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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Road to Fedala
Dedicated to Helene

Submitted by Robert

I was stationed at Nouasseur Air Base Morocco. I was at the ball field umpiring a softball game.The I saw her. There she was dressed in a purple top and a white skirt. She had long wavy hair that was tucked under to create a roll. She had deep blue eyes that glistened like a forest pool. She had perfectly shaped lips with a light touch of red lipstick. She was about five feet seven inches tall and weighed approximately 120 pounds. She had that certain aura about her. She was beautiful and seemed out of place as she sat with the other spectators at the softball game. Why was she different? Why did she stand out? She did not seem to understand the game of softball. Simple! She was not American. She was French. I had to meet this attractive woman. Fortunately, my fellow umpire knew her. We walked over and he said, "hello. I would like to meet a friend of mine." She put her hand forward and as I reached to shake her hand, she said in a sultry voice with a French accent, "ahlo. My name is Helene. Nice to meet you." I was speechless. Finally I got a few words out and said, "Enchante!" (That's French for enchanted.) She smiled and my heart started beating in double time. I returned to the ball field to umpire the game. In my mind I was thinking how can this kid from Kukuihaele,Hawaii get a chance to meet such an attractive woman. And what can I do to meet her again and get to know her. We met again, by chance, in the bowling alley. She was there with her sister's sister-in-law, Theresa . A GI was trying to teach Helene to keep score. When he bowled, I would tell her the numbers in French and she just wrote them down. He thought she had finally learned. I quickly asked what they were doing after bowling and they replied that they were going to the movie. I asked if I could join them and they said yes. I returned to the Barracks, took a quick shower, changed my clothes and returned. We all went to the movie. Our first date. When I took Helene and Theresa home, I asked Helene if we could go out again. She agreed. On our second date, we had a lot of time to talk. When I told her I was from Hawaii, She said, "I know about Hawaii. It has always been my dream to go to Hawaii. Every Saturday afternoon I listen to Weberly Edwards "Hawaii Calls" radio program. One day I will go to Hawaii." We were inseparable from them on. We were married and went on our honeymoon to Ceuta, Spain. (Ceuta is actually on Moroccan territory but belongs to Spain) We spent seven wonderful days. Five years later, Helene' dream came true. We went to Hawaii to visit my parents, family and friends.She fell in love with Waipio Valley on the Big Island. After a thirty-year career in the Air Force, we now make Melbourne, Florida our home. However, we go to Hawaii every two years to visit family and friends. And, after forty-one years, the boy from Hawaii is still married to his French beauty from Fedala, Morocco

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