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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

A Picture of a Lifetime *true story
Dedicated to Courtney

Submitted by Joshua

Tonight I'm alone with a bitter heart ache eating away at my very soul. You see, yesterday Courtney got married and a candel I had forgotten about was extinguished. It was the candel of a hope that I could actually be with only girl I have truly been in love with.
Let me start from the beginning. It was the early 80's and and two young mothers who met through their church Bible Study group were becoming best of friends. Naturally they brought their kids with them everywhere and you might imagine their kids became close friends. You guessed it, the kids were Courtney and I. Courtney taught me a lot about life when we were just tykes and my best memories were watching cartoons together. As we got older she became very popular and was rarely without a significant other. I on the other hand was quite the oppisite. Then to make things extra hard on myself, in 5th grade I developed a crush on Courtney. For three years I did nothing but dream of her in anguish but finally in eighth grade after hearing she may have to move, I declared my love for her in a 7 page letter. Being the nice girl she is, she wrote back and softly let me down, you see this was when she met Ryan, the man she thought she would marry. But we continued to write for a while afterward until she was able to move back. By then we started highschool and I knew she was in love with this latest boyfriend. Then something happened, I got my first girlfriend. This caused something to happened I thought impossible. I was over Courtney! Through highschool I had a couple more girlfriends and then it was off to college. Throughout all of college I only had one real relationship and sometime early on I had gotten word that Courtney broke up with Ryan and was dating the youth pastor at our old church. I didn't think very much of it until about my senior year when I heard she was engaged to him. There was a little worry deep in the recesses of my mind, but I put it off. Later she told me the date of the wedding and I made plans to be there. Well, I guess that brings us up to speed... So there I was yesterday watching the bride come down the isle and I remembered a photograph of her and I next to each other on the couch, both 2 years old. Yesterday I looked in her eyesv and it all came back. This is the only girl I've ever been love with and I'm watching the door between us close forever.
I dug up that photograph today and I felt it here in my heart. Her and her husband are probably in Hawaii on their honeymoon. A day I look forward to. But could I ever go to Hawaii with another girl? Will I ever love anyone as deeply as I love her?

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