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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Our Hearts Were Captured In Hawaii
Dedicated to Adrian Clark - Now my husband

Submitted by Patricia

Who would have thought that this gorgeous man that I just met would someday become my husband?? Neither of us was looking for love - he was being sent to Scotland for his next job and I was living and staying in Alaska. We had a lot of fun together, going out, but both knew it was not to last. When the day came for him to leave Alaska to go to Hawaii for a vacation, I drove him to the airport. He hadn't been to Hawaii yet and felt the need to explore while he was only a 5 1/2 hour flight away. When he arrived, he realized it was a dumb plan to go alone to the islands of love. He called me, bought me a ticket and I was on the plane. I had never been either, but when I stepped off the plane and into his arms, I knew that Hawaii was indeed a magical place. By the time we both left - him to Scotland and me back to Alaska, we were both hopelessly in love. Nearly a year went by before we saw each other again. It was just as if we had never been apart. Before he left once more to return to Scotland, he asked me to marry him. I was a single Mom with 3 children and I said no. He didn't know what he was asking of himself. Who in their right mind would want a woman with 3 children? He left very sad. He called me from his parents house in England the next day and I told him yes I would marry him. I knew I could never live without him! We have been married over 14 years now and have 11 year old twins of our own.... We have been back to Hawaii several times with our 5 children and they enjoy it just as much as we do... Hawaii means LOVE.

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