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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Forever Sunrise
Dedicated to Mark

Submitted by Sue

I woke to the sound of roosters calling, as raindrops tapped softly onto the wooden roof above, where a fan lazily twirled around and around. Despite the gray dawn, warm beams of yellow and orange light began to drift into our honeymoon bungalow, causing me to smile, as my husband rolled over and yawned, "Good morning."

My husband...we were married!

We stared into each other's eyes, and I recalled our junior year of high school. At 16, I'd known the moment I'd spotted him in the back of the class that Mark would someday be a special part of my life. We had actually known each other since the third grade, but cupid hadn't aimed his arrow until we were old enough to recognize our feelings for one another. Seven years had passed since I'd first held Mark's nervous hand during our first date, and now, as evidenced by the shiny new rings we both wore, we would hold hands and hearts forever.

Pulling each other close, we joked about our crazy wedding day and how we had somehow made it to this amazing morning, side by side in this tropical paradise. Oh there was so much to do!

We hadn't always felt so confident about our relationship, both of us being on the independent side, both of us carrying goals and ambitions. We had certainly been young when we'd met and had faced several stressful years of challenges that come with college and careers. So many people had told us dreams like our just don't come true. We were too young. We were too different. We were too inexperienced to know what love was. Mark and I certainly had our differences, but somehow, we had always managed to find common ground. Understanding and appreciation had somehow replaced mistrust and worry. We had proved everyone wrong, making our way now, out onto the balcony over looking the blue and green ocean.

Mark steadied the video camera to capture the slow sunrise. I pulled out a pad of paper to record the moment in my usual way, even then hearing the tune of the song I would write years later, On the Balcony.

Any doubts or fears we had seemed to wash away with the sweeping Hawaiian rains, as the warm island breeze brushed by, whispering romantic melodies and promising adventure and spiritual nourishment. We both smiled and shared a soft kiss as the sun peaked high in the sky. We had picked the right place to begin our lifetime as husband and wife.

Six years later, Mark and I will return to our island to renew our vows and solidify again the feelings we have shared for nearly a lifetime. A few years wiser, we will recommit our vows to each other and promises to support one another. Many friends and family members have scattered or passed on since that crazy wedding day, but we will remember each of them--every single person who has shared this fairy tale we call us-- as we stare out over the tropical blue waters, remembering that first uncertain morning together and dreaming of the many adventures to come!

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