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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

3,2,1 Marriage!
Dedicated to My Husband And My Best Friend

Submitted by Kara

I jetted off to California February of '92..for the first time without my parents. I was 19 years old and my friend had begged me to come visit Master's Bible College where a lot of my school mates had gone.
The first night we played silly games in the lounge and in walked such a handsome guy! Here I was in a t-shirt and pj bottoms complete with slippers and no make-up. We played our game, afterwards he introduced himself. Later in the week we had gotten together with some friends and the only person I wound up knowing that evening was him. We talked until 8:30am about our faith, relationships, hopes and dreams. We realized that we had a lot in common. Only we were not in the same State! We really hit it off and that night I was determined to marry someone just like him!

We kept in contact and I found myself in a horrific accident and in a hospital back in Washington St. I was transferred in 2 ambulances and stopped breathing twice. Awaking from surgery in ICU to a phone call from California, it was him! He had the same crazy sense of humor that I was falling in love with. I recovered and he came to visit me for my birthday in August. We decided that week after only meeting once before that it was "meant to be!"

Finishing the year off he sent me tickets to meet him in back in CA and also to meet his parents for the first time in Chicago, IL for Thanksgiving. I was nervous, my plane was late, he took me to dinner and proposed!

We saw each other a total of 20 times, talked on the phone, wrote and got married in less than a year! You know! Our honeymoon home was a gift from a friend at her home on a lake near where I lived. Although we dreamed of the ultimate honeymoon everyone talks about in HAWAII, we had our own small town celebration in a blizzard. It had it's own beauty.

January 2,2002 was our 9th year wedding anniverary and we just added our 3rd child to the family in December. We couldn't be happier and would do it all over again in a minute. We only wish we could have made more time together and more memories on a hopelessly romantic honeymoon such as Hawaii. We have never been there together and hope that someday very soon could dream together on a hammock under the stars overlooking the Pacific planning the next 9 to 100 years!

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