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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

True Love
Dedicated to Tracy Kelley

Submitted by Wendy

I remember, while being single, watching romantic love stories and wishing that I was in love that way. As I would tune in to my favorite soaps I would be sobbing over the story line of the two lovers so in love, I would once again say to myself "I wish I had that kind of true love!!!" I wished that my knight in shining armor would knock on the front door and whisk me away . But after being in a loveless marriage for many years and then being alone for awhile I never really believed that true love actually existed.

My profession kept me at home everyday, and when I would go out meeting someone in a bar and hoping for a real relationship was not a reality. And certainly that knight wasn't really going to knock on my front door. Was he?? It turned out that one of my business clients was very interested. He had come into my home every week for a year before I really took notice. Once we got past the business relationship there was so much more there. This man IS my knight in shining armor. He whisked me away and stole my heart and soul!

The next time I tuned into a sappy love story and tears came to my eyes I realized it was not because I was wishing for that kind of perfect love, but was because I HAVE that kind of wonderful, glorious, fabulous, perfect love. My dreams have all come true. I have been blessed with a marriage to my soul mate. We are celebrating our 3rd year anniversary as I write this.

Two years ago as we planned a trip to the romantic beaches of Hawaii, we discussed trying to conceive a child while there. But fate had a different idea! We found out three weeks before we were to go on our glorious Hawaiian vacation that we were indeed already pregnant. While in Hawaii we were able to count our blessings and revel in the fact that a wonderful change was in our future. We have since had a beautiful baby girl. She is the true expression of our love together! Our hearts and souls have come together and created a beautiful being.

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