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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

To My Sunshine
Dedicated to Jim Cook

Submitted by Lauren

when i first enlisted into the army i was both nervous and lonely. i had left my family in california to carve out a career as a rough, tough army chick only to find myself wishing i was back in the comfort of my boring old home town. when i graduated basic training i moved onto advanced individual training in fort jackson, south carolina. despite the accomplishment i was still lonely for my friends and family. the story begins when i walked up to the front door of my barracks, my new temporary home, and saw the other soldiers i would be training with. standing next to me would be the man i would marry. over the next few weeks we started long hours of training on what would be our future job in the army. we would talk and joke with eachother during class and eventually built a friendship that would feel stronger than any i had had at home. over a two month long period i had fallen in love with him, and then it was time to leave -to begin our own separate careers and maybe cross paths in the years to come. i went home on leave and told my mother that i thought i had fallen in love, she looked at me as if i was nuts when i hung his picture on the fridge. but i was assigned to fort campbell and eventually replaced my emotions towards him with my demanding new military career. then one day i looked up and he was there. we had been assigned to the same duty station. we had been living not 3 miles away from eachother. i loved him. it was as if we'd know eachother before we were born when we spoke. he became my angel. but i never confessed my feelings for him. not in all our encounters did i say anything. our eyes betrayed ourselves when we looked at eachother though. i couldn't look away from him when we saw eachother. it wasn't for almost 2 years that he called me and asked me out. that night was when i realized that what we had was what i never had expected to receive. i had never believed in soul mates or each person having one predestined partner in life until that time. our lives were so complicated and yet something always drew us to eachother, even from the beginning. then he was sent to serve in germany. i was to stay behind in the states for what turned out to be 8 months. our love grew srtonger and stronger an when we couldn't bare the separation, the ocean that lied between us, i received a letter in the mail that i was shipping to germany. when i arrived, they stationed me across the street from where my angel works. in the entire vast country of germany i ended up waving out my office window at him. i have thanked god for all my blessings and one of which is giving me my one true love. the man that makes me feel like i am safe in the most unsafe of surroundings. the man that makes a year with him feel like a day. he is my best friend, my protector, my angel and my sunshiny day. we are engaged to be married now and having been across the world, have never been able to go to hawaii. a place which might almost posesses the amount of romance and beauty that we share between us. and there could never be such a thing as too much sunshine. all my love angel

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