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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Puppy Love in Hawaii 20 years later
Dedicated to Donnie and Lynette Zirkle

Submitted by Brenda

When I was growing up I loved our visits to Grandma and Grandpa in West Virginia. A neighbor of my Grandparents had a boy (Donnie) three years older than me. Donnie had a crush on me and we would see one another when I visited. When he was 19, he decided to join the Marine Corp. I begged my parents to take me to see him in West Virginia the summer he left for Okinawa; we vowed our love to one another. My parents, along with others, told us we were too young to be serious about one another and our relationship would not last. Our song just happened to be Puppy Love, by Donny Osmond. We wrote to each other often until I received a letter from him saying he had met someone; I was devastated. I had a chance meeting with him while visiting my Grandparents about a year after the Dear John letter. He told me he still loved me but, I was too heart broken and didn't want to talk to him. I had started dating and was engaged to someone else but it didn't work out. A few months later I wrote to him; he had written me a couple of times since our meeting in West Virginia. He came to see me in Ohio for the first time and we found that we still cared for one another. We ended up eloping when I was 19 and he was 22. He was stationed in North Carolina at the time. It was no puppy love and we will celebrate our 26th anniversary in June. We finally got to go on a honeymoon on our 20th anniversary to Hawaii. We renewed our vows on the beach in Maui, at Kapalua Bay with our beautiful daughter Lynette by our side. Our love was not just puppy love it is true love and I wish that for my daughter. Lynette is getting married this year on May 18th and will have the beautiful wedding I never had. We would love to go back to Hawaii and share a trip with our daughter and her husband. Last weekend was Lynette's bridal shower; I recited a poem to her for her upcoming marriage. Here is the poem to end my story:

To My Daughter

I'm crying for happy reasons not sad;
I'm crying because this year has been both depressing and the happiest time sharing your plans with you.
I'm crying because I am losing my baby but I have gained a beautiful young woman.
I'm crying because all my life I have prayed for you to find someone to love, and who loves you back, like I found your father, and you have found Cory.
I'm crying not because I am losing a daughter but I am gaining a friend.
I'm crying because when I saw you walk out of the dressing room with the wedding gown and veil on, I saw an Angel.
I'm crying cause now I won't hear Ma, Ma, Ma, whenever a crisis occurs, instead it will be Cory, Cory, Cory.
I'm crying cause someday your daughter will say, Mom why are you crying.
I'm crying cause these tears say I love you.

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