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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Even Now
Dedicated to Bob

Submitted by Lori

Bob and I married in a whirlwind ceremony at the local courthouse, We took half days off from work. We had talked about a honeymoon but our financial responsibilty and two children from previous relationship wouldn't allow us to take the time or the money. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Degerative Disc Dieases and Osteoarthristis, This put a bigger strain on our finances but through it all Bob was supportive and stood by me even when he didn't agree with the decision that I had made. Many many marriages today would have dissvolved when the heavy burden came up to one person, But Bob took his vows seriously and has dedicated his life to seeing that his family has it better. We moved to Southern Illinois, he got a job and works hard.........Bob and I never got to take the honeymoon that most couples get. With my health I have to take it day to day, but I catch Bob dreaming sometimes. I finally asked him one day what was the one thing that he wishes he could change, his reply was I wish I could take away your pain. Maybe this doesn' seem like much, but his love for me is so strong that he would be willing to suffer so that I could have a life free of pain. Bob has never seen the ocean and loves tropical fish, nothing would please me more than to go to Hawaii and take him to see the ocean and all it's beauty.

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