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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Our Fresh Start
Dedicated to Glen Mackenzie

Submitted by Shannon

glen and i met 3 years ago. after 3 months of dating he asked me to marry him. if that was not enough, i had 4 children from a previous marriage and took us all on. we became pregnant with his first and my 5th rather quickly as we found ourselves expecting again when the first was just 6 months. we have struggled, fallen and found each other on several occassions. we almost gave up every time. we decided a few months ago to go on a holiday just the 2 of us we have never been away from all 6 children. it is to be what we are referring to as our new start. we will be boarding the "legend of the seas" on march 28, 2003 and cruising the islands of hawaii. one particular stop will be maui. in the last couple of months i have arranged a secret vow renewal for glen. i know that sometimes he must feel i do not love him this is my proof, he truly is one of a kind. i know your contest is over, i just found you and i just wanted to share. thank you shannon mackenzie

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