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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Promises, Promises!
Dedicated to Debbie

Submitted by Michael

Her, fresh out of high school and me just home from a four stint in the U S Navy. Having car trouble and in need assistance Debbie walked to the house I was staying looking for a friend that wasn't there at the time and I was only too glad to help a beautiful young girl. Exactly one year later after a whirlwind romance we were married, just kids of 19 and 21...Though a 12 hour drive from Dallas to Brownsville, TX right after the reception seemed like a rough start, it could only get better, right? Wrong! The wind howled and rain drenched us as we tried to spend a day at Mustang Island and the 10 year old car I owned died before we made it back to Dallas. During our dating days she talked about a place she would like to go some day...Hawaii! Being young and naive I promised that for our 30th anniversary I would take her there.

I made a lot of unfulfilled promises during the years, mostly to make ME look and feel better...seems like it was always about me! And to the end after 13 years and 3 sons the marriage fell apart so the 30th anniversary promise seemed completely out of the realm of possibility...As fate would have it I was wrong again. Seems like we got along better as friends and 3 years later were remarried and the yoke of Hawaii was around my neck again though she had surely dismissed it as another one of the, "yeah right", promises.

Somehow the years have passed and now we are married 32 or 29 years (depending on how count is kept) and even though I have aged I can't say I have grown-up at the same pace. She has always accepted and loved me unconditionally, never once asking me to change who I am. I owe her my life in more ways than one and I truly OWE her the trip I promised so many years ago...Now, I promise myself, that before our time together comes to a close I will deliver on the promise of Hawaii and the sun setting over the Pacific like so many postcards depict. She has taught me the meaning of unconditional love, acceptance, integrity, and the true meaning of a promise. Thank you, Sweetheart! I Love You.

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