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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Two Hearts As One
Dedicated to My husband who completes my heart.

Submitted by Malissa

The way we met seemed liked a dream. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and caught the bouquet. We all know the old saying that the person who catches the bouquet is the next to marry. However, I was only 18 and had many plans for my life which in no way included marriage. I was like any young girl, I dreamed of the man I would marry someday. As a little girl whenever I would play house, my husbands name would be Tim and we would have one boy and one girl and the boy would be the oldest.

My cousin decided to find me a mate. I did not have time for a man in my life I was attending college full time and working full time to put myself through school. However, I agreed to a meeting

As me and a friend drove that night, I had a feeling that destiny was taking over. When we arrived, I made the statement "I could be meeting my future husband tonight." As I entered the house, our eyes met and we were in love. Coincidently his name is Tim.

That was in August 1991, after that we spent every weekend together until we couldn't stand to be apart anymore. In December, I transferred to a nearby college and we moved in together. In February 1992, Tim asked me to marry him. Without hesitation, I agreed. A wedding date was set for 2 years later.

In July 1992, I unexpectedly discovered that I was pregnant. I became ill in the pregnancy and was set to bedrest.

On October 19, 1992, Tim collapsed and stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital. It was discovered that Tim had a brain tumor. We were devastated. Tim's mother had died of a brain tumor at the age of 29. Surgery would be scheduled for two days later.

As they wheeled Tim into surgery, he said to his doctor, "please don't let me die I want to see my baby be born." After a 9-1/2 hour, surgery, Tim was placed into ICU. The doctor told us that the tumor was malignant. After Tim came home from the hospital, the long road of recovery began. Tim's right side was paralyzed from the surgery. I cared for him day and night, still very ill myself from the pregnancy.

On March 7, 1993, our baby was born 6 weeks early. Except for being small, he was in good health.

After we brought Cody home from the hospital, we decided that we should be married soon. On May 15, 1993, we were married Just 50 family members in a small church. All that mattered was that were in love.

This is 9 years later; we have 2 children, a mortgage and full time jobs. I want to celebrate 10 years of marriage and 10-1/2 years cancer free! I have a dream of renewing our vows in Hawaii on the honeymoon we never had.

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