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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

"For Life and Love"
Dedicated to Dianne

Submitted by Sal

I met my wife Dianne almost twenty years ago at the Police Academy in Boston where we were both training to be cops. We graduated the academy after 20 long weeks, and went on to be assigned together as partners, where we learned a great deal about each other, fell in love and eventually married. The years went by, we had a son, who's the greatest thing that ever happened to both of us. After a while, we drifted apart and separated for reasons too long to put into this story. Then we found out Dianne had breast cancer. Devastated, the differences between us that had separated us didn't seem so important any more, so I moved back home to help care of her and our son. Dianne had to undergo radical surgery, chemotherapy and reconstruction. She went through this life-changing ordeal with barely a whimper or complaint, in contrast to the way I moan and whine with what amounts to a hangnail compared to what she endured. Eventually, she recovered, has been symptom free for two years now, and I told her I wanted to celebrate her health and the return of our love together with a much needed vacation, and Hawaii was our choice of destinations. Many years ago, Dianne lived on Oahu, the daughter of a Navy chief and has fond memories of her time there. I've only passed through Honolulu airport on the way to military assignment in S.E. Asia in the 70's. It will be a renewal for both of us, her life's new breath and the rededication of our everlasting love.

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