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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Met my Soulmate via Internet
Dedicated to My Beloved Hubby-to-Be Richard

Submitted by Terri

The year 2001 began as one of the worst in my life, and has ended as one of the happiest in my life. After enduring a ten plus year marriage to a man who I knew only married me for my job stability/paycheck in 2000, I had to reassess why I remained. My beloved cousin Janie, who is also my sister at heart, was battling Cancer again for the tenth year. Between losing my first and only marriage, then watching and losing my beloved Janie in November to cancer, I knew I had to make changes. She told me to not be afraid to love again. Made me promise not to close myself off. I NEVER break promises. So I filed for divorce in January, and resolved to be alone. In April I put an ad in Yahoo Personals for a friend, and met a few men. One ad I viewed I really liked, but didn't respond as I believed by his picture he wanted someone SUPER athletic, and I wasn't in that kind of shape at that moment. On May 16th, late at night, reading the Man for Woman ads again, I saw this one again. I felt Janie's hands on my shoulders and heard her soft voice say "Answer this one". I did, and was moved to tears to hear her there with me. He did respond to me, also just divorced and looking for a friend. We began emailing and chatting on the phone, finally met right before Memorial Day for coffee. I felt this kindness, caring and someone who truly listened. I never had that in my marriage. He told me later he didn't either. His marriage and mine were both our first. We became fast friends, and he came over daily to help me with my small farm and yardwork. We knew immediately we could tell each other anything - just an open, honest and caring friend. On June 27th, he told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He loved me and couldn't live without me. I was afraid, as it was so soon after my divorce. But my heart and Janie told me YES! This one is the one meant to be - and it will last forever! Our souls are the same soul, and we have an understanding of the other which goes beyond description. I said all of my life I wanted to be married on a beach in Hawaii at sunset. Funny, but that was the romantic dream he had, also. We are planning 12/31/02 as our day to wed on a beach in Maui. We are bringing our close friends (one couple) along, and we know Janie will be right there, smiling, and I will be happier than I thought I could ever be in my life - I have my soulmate, my Love, and my Best Friend Richard - and I have Janie with me forever in my heart and thoughts. I am so incredibly blessed with meeting Richard, and I cherish every day that I listened to Janie and answered his ad. He is the man all women dream of - and he answered my prayers of keeping my promise to Janie.

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