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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Young Love, Forever Love
Dedicated to Chris

Submitted by Debra

We met when we were fifteen at a high school dance. We quckly became best friends. Chris was easy to talk to. He made me laugh and feel special. We talked for hours on the phone thinking up topics to talk about. We knew what we each thought and believed about everything under the sun. Most of our beliefs were the same. We valued our faith and family more than anything. Our goals in life were similar too. By sixteen we knew we were going to get married. Chris even told me while watching the July 4th fire works that year that if I was eighteen that night he would ask me to marry him. No one else thought we would stay together all through high school. We kept on talking and planning where we would live, how many children we would have, what would their names be. On July 23rd the summer after graduation, Chris did ask me to marry him. We were married August 23rd the next summer, at nineteen years old. Our wedding was a day I wish I could live over again. We have had two beautiful children, now 19 and 15 years old. Time has gone by way too fast. I have had the most wonderful husband. We still talk about everything, go everywhere together. He still makes me laugh and feel special. We have been married 21 years and I am so looking forward to some day going to Hawaii with him. All our trips have been family vacations. Some day Chris and I are going to have a romantic vacation in the most beautiful place in the world. Hawaii, I will see you soon!

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