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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Rainbow Tragedy
Dedicated to The lives lost on Flight 11

Submitted by Michael

As Michael sat there, the thoughts in his mind recurred, thoughts he had had many times before. He would close his eyes and there she was, appearing as if by magic, in hidden recesses of his mind. That beautiful face, those large black eyes, the silky soft hair flowing down her back to her small, petite waist. Over and over again, Michael experienced this delightful, beautiful vision. Now, in just a few hours, he would experience it for real, to be able to touch what has been just a vision these past few months. He had gone to Honolulu for a meeting that had to be set in paradise, in Hawaii. His company decided he was the best person to represent them at the conference. It was at the registration desk that he saw her for the first time. He couldn't believe his eyes. What sheer beauty. It was in the afternoon and very few folks were there to register. He still had his luggage with him as he had not yet checked into the host hotel. He also did not know why he packed his he knew. He thought he could sit on his lanai and practice his Hawaiian tunes, Tiny Bubbles and many more. He retreived it from his suitcase and after looking around to see who was in the area and seeing noone, he began. "Tiny Bubbles, in the wine, makes me happy, makes me feel grand" came out of his mouth aimed in her direction. She couldn't believe what she was hearing but listened to the tune she had heard hundreds of times before.

From then on, the two weeks in paradise were just that, paradise. He nearly desided to leave his mainland job and stay in Hawaii if only to be hear Linda K.. Even her name had a ring to it. After promising her that this was not just a two week summer type romance, he reluctantly boarded to plane home.

Now, this Fall, several months later, here he sat, waiting to board the plane that would get him back in the arms of Linda K.. He knew that in just a few hours he would be once again be with her, this time forever. Even though he had a layover on the west coast for a few hours, he could bear it knowing what awaited him adross the vast Pacific.

Then came the boarding announcement he had waited for lo these many weeks. "We are ready to begin boarding Flight 11 to Los Angeles with connections to Hawaii."

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