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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

The Best Loves (High School)
Dedicated to Everyone

Submitted by Forrest

Autumn was finishing up in the beginning of October. The night air was cool and crisp. The football game was all but won, so my friends and I decided to take advantage of my dad's new Mustang. We had the convertible's top down inspite of the cold air.

We did what every other young high school kid on a Friday night, we "scooped the loop" in the city. However, this "loop" was at the local university. My buddies and I were trying our best to look older, so that we could impress the college girls.

After about an hour of driving the same block over and over we were about to admit defeat and head home. Just then a big black truck pulled besides us, in the turning lane. Inside the truck were three girls. We waved and basically made fools of ourselves.

The light signal turned green. The girls turned. I hit the gas pedal and cut off the other cars in the turning lane as I hastily tried to follow the girls. After ignoring the honks, we made contact. One of the young ladies stuck her head out of the window of the truck and signalled us to go into the next gas station.

Pulling up to their truck, I suddenly grew afraid. "What do you say to college girls, anyway?" I wondered. I didn't have to wonder for long. We discovered that the girls were from a nearby high school, out doing the same thing that we were.

The evening air was getting cooler, but to me it made the night magical. I started talking to one girl who called herself Deb. I found it amazing that I could see her words come out with a cloud of cold air. When that cloud surrounded me, I felt as though I was soaking in a part of her essence. She had said, "It's so cold, I wish that I were in Hawaii." Hawaii is romantic, but at that moment I was glad to have the cold air transmitting her words into the form of a cloud.

Sadly, the night had to come to an end. Deb gave me her phone number, and I had all ready planned to call her the next day. As I drove home all I could think about was Deb's beautiful lips,that sent out that cloud of her essence, allowing me to connect with her in a way that I have never felt before.

The next night, I called up Deb to ask her out. She turned me down. I thought that Deb must not have felt the same connection that I did, so I threw away her number and tried to forget about her. However, Deb was embarrassed to tell me that her parents only allowed her to go out on one evening during the weekends.

Months had passed, and I couldn't forget about the magical moment I had shared with Deb. I didn't eat much, and I had trouble sleeping. I was a mess.

Christmas came, bringing in a terrible snow storm. Before the worst of the storm came, I went to the gas station to fill up my car's tank. I ran into a former teacher of mine that was now working as a dance team coach in the same school that Deb attended. The teacher told me that Deb had told her about meeting me. She also let me know that Deb hadn't stopped talking about me since then.

I was baffled and excited by this new discovery. From the dance team coach, I got Deb's number once again. I went home and called Deb right away.

"I'm sorry that I didn't tell you the truth," Deb said on the phone.

"I understand," I started, "I'm very sorry that I threw your number away. That was a dumb move. I thought that I could just forget about you, but Deb I don't think that's possible. I haven't been able to think of anything else for the past three months. Meeting you was the most magically amazing moment of my life. My heart has never been touched the way that you have touched it. I have to see you."

Deb gave me her address, and planned to see me the following weekend. Instead, I grabbed the flowers that my mother had on the table and headed out. I drove the twenty miles through the wind, ice, and snow. It took me an hour, but I made it to surprise the girl that had surprised my heart three months earlier.

Deb went on to become my first love. We experienced dreams and accomplishments together. We built a love that cannot ever be matched. When every October came to pass, I never missed an opprotunity to consume myself in her essence that came out with each breath.

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